Malai Kesar Pista Kulfi Recipe|| मार्केट जैसी मलाई केसर पिस्ता कुल्फी घर पर बनाएं

Malai Kesar Pista Kulfi Recipe|| मार्केट जैसी मलाई केसर पिस्ता कुल्फी घर पर बनाएं

Kesar Pista Kulfi is a very famous and tasty frozen Indian dessert prepared with thickened milk, saffron, pistachio and other dry fruits. This kesar pista kulfi is very easy to make and is beloved by children and adults alike. Kesar pista kulfi brings an instant relief during summers with its cream and softness.

You can also make this kesar pista kulfi on festive occasions or as a dessert for your guests.

1 ltr Full Cream Milk
1 tbspn Pistachios (Chopped)
2 tbsp Sugar
8-10 Almonds (Chopped)
Kesar – 1 Pinch 

Method :
* First of all Switch on the flame and allow the milk to boil.
* Stir the milk when it boils 
* After 2 minutes add sugar to milk.
* Stir it continuously so that milk do not burnt
* Scrape the cream from the sides of pan so that 
your kulfi will become more creamy.
* Add Kesar and Elaichi Powder 
* Our milk will turns so creamy at this time 
and it turns yellowish
* Add chopped pistachios in it
* Cook for another 5 minutes on medium flame
* Its consistency becomes so thick at this time Cook it for another 2 minutes on high flame.
* NOTE – When your milk starts boiling set your flame to medium
* Now delicious Malai Kesar Pista Kulfi is ready ,cools down the mixture .
* We will set kulfi in kulfi moulds which is easily available in the market.
* Now transfer the mixture into clean bowl .
* Transfer the mixture into moulds with the help of spoon.
* Garnish both the moulds with pista and almonds and freeze it for 8 hours.
* After 8 hours our malai kesar pista kulfi is set ,it looks so tempting.
* We will unmould our kulfi with the help of stick by rubbing it between the palms .
* It will easily unmould 
* Malai Kesar Pista is ready to serve. Garnish it with pista 

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